Round table



What if inner peace was at the heart of world cohesion?


What if meditation could help prevent geopolitical, environmental, social, or economic human conflicts exacerbated by media hype?


What if intention rhymed with commitment, sharing, social cohesion, creativity, ecology... humanity?




Speakers :


Gonzague de Blignières - co-founder of RAISE

Guibert del Marmol - expert in regenerative economy

Frédéric Lopez - journalist, TV show producer

Amandine Roche - Human Right Specialist with United Nations


Moderator : Aurélie Godefroy, journalist
Grand témoin : Marion Cotillard


Q and A
Translated in English

Just before...

Susanne Abbuehl, vocal poetry

30 June
14:00 - 14:30

As a singer and composer, Susanne Abbuehl’s work revolves around sculpting sound in time. She studied jazz and classical singing as well as Indian singing, and has always been interested in composing for and with poetry. Her music for the work of poets like E. E. Cummings (on «April»), James Joyce and William Carlos Williams (on «Compass») and Emily Dickinson (on «The Gift») creates an environment in which the words can move freely, and in which the subtext is revealed. In longtime musical partnerships with pianist Wolfert Brederode and flugelhorn player Matthieu Michel she continues to explore sound in space from every angle.   

Susanne Abbuehl – voice, sansula

Matthieu Michel – flugelhorn

Wolfert Brederode – piano, Indian harmonium

show event

Just after...


30 June
16:30 - 18:30

Initiative Mindfulness France    

Delphine Batho, Audrey Berté, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pacôme Rupin


Mind & Life Europe        

Michel Bitbol, Amy Cohen-Varela, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Antoine Lutz

show event

Science Art Meditation:
humanism for today and tomorrow. 

June 29 — July 1st 2018

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