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Science is currently exploring through meditation, the weft of our reality in the moment and the relationship with oneself and others, in order to understand emotional regulation mechanisms, compassion, attention and its role in learning, decision making and education.

How do brain imaging, neuroscience, and epigenetics validate the effects of meditation on the brain, mind, neuroplasticity and gene expression?

What if meditation favors positive brain aging and the prevention of Alzheimer's disease? 


Speakers :


Gaël Chételat - Director of Research at Inserm

Perla Kaliman - Research Associate at the Center for Mind and Brain UC Davis

Jean-Philippe Lachaux - Director of Research at Inserm

Antoine Lutz - Director of Research at Inserm


Moderator : Caroline Lachowsky, journalist
Grand témoin : Luc Petton, artist


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Just before...

Luc Petton, dance

01 July
10:00 - 10:30

Silent Dream

"In the heart of silence, movements speak of mystery about themselves. Time stretches out, gesture refines, sight takes its time to settle, breathing calms down, then we can see."

Choreography: Luc Petton

Dancers: SunA Lee, Tuomas Lahti 

Created for « Jours de Silence » a Chaillot national theater ’s project.

Q & A

show event

Just after...

Guillaume Néry, freediving journey

01 July
14:00 - 14:30
show event

Science Art Meditation:
humanism for today and tomorrow. 

June 29 — July 1st 2018

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