Workshop: From Meditation to Art

Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 13:00

From Meditation to Art (specifically in painting)

What images could represent mindfulness meditation and the transformations it creates when practiced? How to put into form the meeting with one's own spirit, the face-to-face interaction with one's emotions? How to paint consciousness, the heart, silence, and the wanderings of the mind? How to represent this very intimate experience, invisible to the eye, that is the full experience of one's self enabled by the practice of meditation?

This studio will raise the question of representation of meditation and will offer a promenade through the history of art. Through a selection of classic and contemporary works, from Jérôme Bosch to Mark Rothko, from ancient art to street art, Soizic Michelot will guide a complete immersion in the universe of meditative practice.

Just before...

Wisdom traditions

30 June
10:30 - 12:00

Round table


Have we always meditated?


What are the spiritual traditions from the Orient and the Western world teaching us? Can they help us understand today’s world challenges?

Materialism and quest for purpose.

Can meditation guide us from ethical principles to ethical embodying? 






Martine Batchelor - meditation teacher

Benoit Billot - Benedictine monk

Michel Bitbol - researcher at CNRS

Matthieu Ricard - Buddhist monk (video)


Moderator: Marc de Smedt, publisher 
Grand témoin: Steve Shehan, artist


Q and A
Translated in English

show event

Just after...

Mindful society

30 June
14:30 - 16:00

Round table



What if inner peace was at the heart of world cohesion?


What if meditation could help prevent geopolitical, environmental, social, or economic human conflicts exacerbated by media hype?


What if intention rhymed with commitment, sharing, social cohesion, creativity, ecology... humanity?




Speakers :


Gonzague de Blignières - co-founder of RAISE

Guibert del Marmol - expert in regenerative economy

Frédéric Lopez - journalist, TV show producer

Amandine Roche - Human Right Specialist with United Nations


Moderator : Aurélie Godefroy, journalist
Grand témoin : Marion Cotillard


Q and A
Translated in English

show event

Science Art Meditation:
humanism for today and tomorrow. 

June 29 — July 1st 2018

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